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Sunday, 11 October 2020

“Diamond Platnumz can date her if he wants” Mimi Mars’ lover Marioo waves white flag


The power of Diamond Platnumz knows no bounds, so it seems. The talented Tanzanian singer who has been blessed with the golden trifecta of looks, status and money is now causing relationship problems for a certain singer.

The singer is fellow citizen Omari Mwanga, known to many as Marioo. The man has been dating Mimi Mars for some time now but after Diamond complimented her recently, the artiste has seen the writing on the wall.

He has done something most men wouldn’t. He has waved the white flag as far as competing for his gf’s heart especially if Diamond is concerned.

The musician in a recent interview with Ijumaa newspaper revealed he has no beef with Diamond Platnumz over claims he took his former girlfriend, Mimi Mars.

Rumours were that Diamond and Mimi were dating after they were spotted having fun in a swimming pool at Diamond’s house.

Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi Mars comes clean on dating Diamond Platnumz

While Marioo had threatened to take his life on social media after the rumours came out, he seems to have seen the light.

He has now have changed tune and is now at peace with himself, Diamond and Mimi saying that he had given Diamond the green light to date Mimi Mars and that they have his blessings.

”About Mimi Mars, I am very okay and actually I have no issue with Diamond, we are at peace because he is my elder brother. Because I respect him, he can take any woman he wants even the ones I am dating. I can never hate him because he deserves the best and all I can say is that I will always thank him,” Marioo said.

While he admitted he had feelings about the situation, he said that he had never take his own life and that he was just trying to get hype for his new song.

”People have been asking me about my relationship and have been giving them good response. I can not hang myself as people thought, I was only trying to prepare fans for the release of my song,” he added.

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