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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Career change: From TV lady to high-class call girl


Peer pressure and unbridled ambition for wealth can be dangerous. Why? A former TV lady known for her open display of opulence could have gone too far to make money to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. It’s whispered in low tones that the lady has quietly become one of the city’s many high-end call girls. Some lawyers were heard discussing how they recently sought her services. It’s said the lady charges a flat rate of Sh100,000. Among her clients are Nigerians who flock to the city’s upmarket estates.

The actions of a county police chief in Nyanza could be a case study in why the Police Service for years has ranked high on the corruption index. The man recently minted hundreds of thousands of shillings from officers due for promotion. Affected officers whisper to Corridors their senior demanded nothing less than Sh100,000 to move from inspector to chief inspector. Some of those who paid were replaced by those who broke the cap, and their monies refunded. The officers are crying foul — promotion was marred by corruption. They want Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai (pictured) to intervene.

It was former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who once remarked that corruption is the greatest bane of his society today. But Obasanjo was also speaking for Kenya. Take, for instance, a board member at a parastatal under the Ministry of Energy. A bird within his circle tells Corridors the man is lamenting that he was conned out of more than Sh2 million on the pretext he would be appointed chairman of another parastatal in the same docket, due in a month. However, the mission aborted. He is now accusing senior officials at the ministry of cheating him. The bitter man is pushing to get his money back. In fact, he has threatened to report the bribe to the EACC. 

A former MP from Nyanza who lost his seat under controversial circumstances in 2017 is causing his rivals sleepless nights. The man has now set his sights on becoming governor. He is said to have a huge financial war chest and an enviable development track record. A plus is his close relationship with ODM boss Raila Odinga that saw him land a plum job in government. With clan politics and numbers set to play a major role in 2022, some aspirants are jostling to be his running mate. It is whispered that among the reasons making him so formidable is an ambitious irrigation project that he spearheaded during his tenure as MP. Those in the know say the battle for the top county seat has become a two-horse race between him and the area senator.   

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