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Sunday, 13 September 2020

'You're an amazing person' Meet Betty Kyallo's peng bestie

 Betty Kyallo laughing

Betty Kyallo has severally mentioned that during the project of moving from Posh Palace to Flair By Betty, came with a lot of lessons.

Majorly who her real friends are. She has it tough of course going solo and especially the Flair 2.0. There are days she had no money to fund one or two projects and her real friends came through with a few thousands and others, just moral support.

Among them was one Bambi who she refers to as Bamiree. We had not seen her in Betty's life before this new Flair By Betty and you know the babe posts anything and everything. Her life is not so private.

Betty Kyallo at Flair By Betty
Betty Kyallo at Flair By Betty
Image: Instagram

But ever since we were introduced to Bambi, she has been there for Ms. Kyallo through the late nights in the salon to the parties. In fact, she is the one who organized  Ivanna's big sixth party.

She is part of the small circle Betty has and she is a very gorgeous babe. As she turns a year older, ex k24 anchor shared photos of the two from the last photoshoot she had and captioned the sweetest message saying,

"Happy birthday to you sweetheart @aeedah_bambi you are an amazing person and I’m glad you’re in my life. Let’s kill it! 😘😘❤️❤️❤️"

Meet Bambi Aeedah aka, Bambiree

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