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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Nyayo House staffers seek bribes for passports


A PARASTATAL CHAIRMAN in the Ministry of Trade under CS Betty Maina (pictured) is on the spot. The man, who is fond of intimidating parastatal CEOs by claiming that State House will have them arrested for graft, got a rude shock recently. The man has no links to State House at all. A CEO in a parastatal in the Ministry of Water recently told him off and refused to see him after he went to see the CEO, claiming that he could use State House to help the CEO sort out some issues. The chairman reportedly asked for Sh5 million bribe, which he was denied. Those in the know now want Trade minister Maina to deal with the rogue chairman.


AN MP APPEARS to have had a Damascus moment following a baptism of fire after chairing a House committee. The legislator, after being hailed, lauded and praised for delivering a fantastic report, was thrown under the bus by a political stalwart who reneged on their earlier agreement. Corridors understands the MP and his outspoken members only received crumbs while the big boys feasted away on fatty meat, leading to a bitter falling out.


CONGESTION AT NYAYO House for the collection of passports seems unending. In July, the Postal Corporation and the Immigration department signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at easing congestion at Nyayo House, especially because of Covid-19 and the need for social distancing. However, Corridors has been told of harrowing disorganisation and long queues. Members of the public picking passports are said to be issued with queue tickets but midway, a staffer comes to collect the tickets and calls them out randomly. Everyone collecting is expected to pay a Sh180 'delivery fee'. Ordinarily, passports should be sent to the nearest post office indicated by the applicant.


STILL ON MATTERS to do with MPs, one lawmaker is said to be facing arrest after allegedly embezzling Sh21 million property of a party belonging to the Opposition. According to a letter signed by the Director of Public Prosecutions and seen by our mole, his arrest and prosecution has been ordered. The MP, who has rubbed his party leadership the wrong way, is in for a rude shock. The party leadership is keen to deal with him squarely since he has been a thorn in the flesh. The party boss has pushed for his arrest and would like to see him down the drain. Ten witnesses were interrogated following an internal audit of December 2017 on the funds and mismanagement was established.

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