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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

MP Ngunjiri to DCI: Probe 'watu wengine' phrase ahead of 2022 polls to stop violence


Nyeri Township MP Ngunjiri Wambugu wants the DCI to investigate leaders who use 'ambiguous political' terms that could fuel violence ahead of 2022 elections.

In a letter written to DCI director George Kinoti on September 15, Ngunjiri said politicians have been using terms such as 'watu wengine' or 'watu fulani'.

"Please note that the phrases, are politically ambiguous. These phrases,are being assumed to refer to particular Kenyan political families," he said.

"Others assume that these refer to a particular Kenyan economic sector however, some fear that these could easily refer to a certain ethnic community."

He said the phrases are dangerous as the 'madoadoa' and 'kwekwe' encountered in 2007/08.

Madoadoa was in reference to members of the Kikuyu community. while “outsiders” were also referred to as “kwekwe” (weeds).

"I therefore request your office to investigate whether these phrases are meant to incite some sections of the Kenyan society against others," Ngunjiri said.

"If this is found to be the case, as a Kenyan citizen and an elected MP, I demand that appropriate charges be preferred against anyone who has used these phrases in political rallies." 

The Nyeri Township MP pointed out Deputy President William Ruto and recently MPs Johana Ng'eno (Emurua Dikir) and Oscar Sudi (Kapseret) as some of the leaders using such phrases.

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