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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Deputy tries to sabotage governor keen to drop him in 2022

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A Deputy Governor from one of the politically charged counties is now a worried man after word went out that his boss is shopping for a new running mate in the coming General Election. The DG who commands no political clout even from his own backyard according to moles within the Governor’s political circle, is baggage that must be dropped if the Governor is serious about his re-election. The DG having got wind of the plans is also said to be reaching out to the rival camp with aim of teaming up to teach his boss a political lesson.

Kenyans are known to be fond of taking advantage of bad situations to line their pockets. Talks are rife in the Corridors of Parliament of how some senators are making a killing from the ongoing grandstanding over an appropriate formula to divide cash among counties. According to our mole, the lawmakers have been knocking from one office to the other taking huge amounts of cash from County bosses whose counties are set lose millions with a promise that they will influence their colleagues to reject the revenue reduction formula. The notorious lawmakers after milking the hapless governors dry then went to the proponents of the formula doing the same thing, collecting cash to push the formula. Moles tell corridors that greedy members have vowed to sustain the deadlock as it is ‘their turn to eat’.

We told you of an acting CEO of a government parastatal who was on the spot over skewed recruitment of staff in a bid to entice the recently appointed Members of the board by having their relatives promoted from interns to permanent employees with huge perks, some even higher than their experienced colleagues. We further told you that despite the Ministry intervention to stop the recruitment and order the revocation of the said letters, the CEO has reportedly vowed to employ all means necessary to ensure the interns are recruited to the plum positions. Now Corridors has learnt that the CEO is at it again, after managing to raid the payroll with the controversial recruitment, he is again in another recruitment spree and again topping his list of new staff are relatives and known 'side chics' of some of the board members.

Rivalry between Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula and Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi seems to have spilled to the grassroots as two of their allies in Bungoma portrayed. Wetang’ula and Wamunyinyi are embroiled in a leadership wrangle in Ford Kenya and on the ground; their allies have not been left behind. They are also going for each other’s necks, even in the most unusual of places. A high ranking county officer and a local MCA tore into each other at a funeral over the weekend to the dismay of mourners. The duo were tussling over  leadership qualities of the Ford Kenya leaders.

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