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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Council resolved to shutdown counties, wasn’t Oparanya’s decision- CoG clarifies

 The Council of Governors has shed light on the decision to paralyse normal operation in all the 47 counties from Thursday, September 17.

In a statement, the council said the decision was not made by their chair Wycliffe Oparanya as had been claimed by some Senators.

“The shutdown is not a decision made by the chairman of the Council…this follows a resolution made by the full Council on September 8, occasioned by delay to pass the County Allocation of Revenue Act 2020,” CoG said in a statement.

It added that county employees have been rendering their services for three months without receiving their salaries due to the delay.

“Some of these employees have been thrown out of their houses due to lack of payment of rent, no money to buy food, and no money to pay their utilities.”

The council said that health facilities in counties have no medicine, no money to replenish non-pharmaceuticals nor money to settle their bills.

“County government awe Kenya Power bills exceeding Sh2 billion for financial year 2020/2021.”

Governors have also blamed Senators for failing to protect the interest of county governments.

“It seems like the Senate has just woken up from their slumber that they have been in for three years. They knew about the formula three years ago yet they have continuously treated the country to theatrics during the ten times that they have convened to consider the formula.”

The council said that it can no longer beg for attention but rather shutdown counties, hoping that the statement will be resolved expeditiously to avoid further interruption of services.

Senators on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on CoG boss over his statement calling on the shutdown of counties.

The lawmakers termed Oparanya a traitor, a liar and who is leading a 'club of boys' hell-bent on attacking a House that defends devolution.

They said it was the COG under Oparanya that went to bed with the Executive betraying Senators who had been fighting for higher allocation to the devolved units.

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