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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Construction of Tana River county offices on despite opposition


Construction of the new Sh1 billion Tana River county headquarters is on despite previous opposition from some residents.

The World Bank-funded project has taken shape after the contractor completed the underground parking and ground floor. The perimeter wall is also about to be completed.

Once complete, the four-storey project in Dayate will house all county government offices and departments and is expected to open up the area which has had little developments since independence.

Governor Dhadho Godhana who came up with the idea of relocating the headquarters from Hola town had earlier defended the move saying it was meant to open up the area.

The project is partly being funded by the county government while the national government pumps 70 per cent through donors.

Senator Juma Wario, who hails from the pastoralist community and is one of the key supporters of the project, previously dismissed claims the project was being implemented on a grazing area. 

He said those who demonstrated were a few individuals who did not want the county headquarters to be built in Dayate. 

"The perimeter wall is 200 metres long and 150 metres wide and will accommodate all departments, it's the only office in the entire Tana River which will have underground parking and a lift," Wario said.

He said the residents have had challenges accessing government services due to the long distance to administration offices.. 

The senator said when he was elected, he decided to bring services closer from Laza to Dayate as the 200km Hola-Waldena road connecting to Kitui will be tarmacked. 

"I previously said the headquarters will be built whether people like it or not, I apologise to the entire population because that statement is meant to address the few who are against development," he said.

Once the project is complete and the road tarmacked, he said, the area will open up, adding that there will also be electricity and water services. 

He said locals currently drink water from irrigation tunnels. "This project will uplift the economy as there will be roads and residents will be able to travel to Nairobi easily. They shall also drink piped water," he said.

Lands CEC Mwanajuma Hirbae said Kenya Electricity Transmission Company officials are on the ground to begin connecting electricity together with the Last Mile project to install power and ensure internet connection through the fibre.

Dayate resident Idris Omar said those who were opposed to the relocation of the headquarters are now supporting the project as they have realised it will open up the economy.

Omar said already, they have got employment opportunities to guard the site and that they expect to benefit more from water and electricity. 

"When this project is complete, water and electricity will be available and the community shall be the first beneficiaries," he said, adding that there are many cases of bilharzia and cholera due to the challenges of accessing clean water.

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