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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Kwale to issue 600 title deeds to displaced Mwache residents

Over 600 title deeds are expected to be issued to residents following the construction of a multi-billion Mwache dam project in Kinango by Kwale county government. 

Governor Salim Mvurya said the issuance of the titles will certify the legitimate landowners. 

“We are about to give titles to the residents who never had them before in Mwache, this means during the time of compensation the figures will be a bit high,” he said. 

About 4,000 people will be affected by the project which will take approximately 1,600 acres.

The Mwache Dam is expected to produce more than 190,000 litres of water per day to address the perennial shortage in Kwale and other coastal counties.

The dam will also supply water to Mombasa county and to serve domestic, agricultural and livestock keeping purposes. 

In 2017, the National Land Commission received Sh150 million from the national government to compensate families affected by the dam.

Mvurya said NLC has taken too long to start the exercise, asking the relevant authority to hasten the process. 

“We had a meeting with various stakeholders and we have emphasised the government through the ministry of water to fast-track payment for locals to resettle somewhere else,” he said.

The project was expected to start last year and will cost Sh14.8 billion taxpayers’ money in phase one.

The delay has caused residents of over 24 villages anxiety about compensation and relocation.

Mvurya, however, assured the locals that his government will make sure they are fairly compensated.

NLC commissioner Kazungu Kambi also promised all Kwale residents who will be affected that proper channels will be used to compensate and solve land injustices issues. 

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