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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Over 20 students arrested during sex orgy in Kakamega

Twenty-six students were on Monday arrested by police in Kakamega in a house where they suspected to have been preparing to engage in group sex.

Twenty-six students were arrested by police in Kakamega in a house suspected to be used for group sex.

The teens, 16 of them girls and 10 boys were ambushed by police officers who received a tip off from members of the public.

When police arrived, the youth were all naked and the boys had put condoms on, presumably ready for the act during the Monday incident.

16 of them were aged below 18 while eight were above 18 but still students.

Used condoms were found in the building and the house reeked of bhang and a video camera which police believe was to be used to record some pornography material was confiscated.

They recorded statements and were later released to their parents because they could not be held in the police cells due to their numbers according to the Covid-19 regulations.

The owner of the house that had been turned into a brothel said a tenant had vacated the house a week ago and it was vacant.

"We arrested them and released them to their parents because they are underage and and could not be put in the cells because of the Covid-19 rules on social distancing," Kakamega central sub-county commander David Kabena told the Star on phone.

Kabena however said that investigations were ongoing to establish the origin of the video camera and what it was meant for.

The police boss blamed the incident on failure by parents to provide guidance to their children during their stay at home after closure of schools occasioned by the coronavirus.

Kabena a month ago banned morning jogging in the town in grounds that the exercise had attracted school going age who engaged in sex during the exercises.

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