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Friday, 19 June 2020

Roba: Presence of Jubbaland army threatens Mandera security

The continued stay of Jubbaland army in Mandera town has left the local leadership and residents worried.
Mandera Governor Ali Roba said the foreign army is a threat to local security and wants the national government to kick them out.
 “The continuous presence of foreign forces within our border has been threatening the lives of our population along the border and Mandera town and we want them out,” he said.
 The governor claimed the situation has worsened considering reported cases of rape and illegal sale of weapons and ammunition to the locals.
 “Their presence has led to cases of rape and sale of ammunition and weapons and is  increasing inter-community conflict risks in Mandera,” he claimed.
Police are holding three people suspected of procuring ammunition from the Jubbaland military camp in Mandera.
The suspects, Abdullahi Osman Mohamed, Hassan Abbey Kalamoi and Abdigafar Abdikadir, were arrested on June 14 by Jubaland military officers residing in Mandera.
The Jubaland Forces loyal to Mr Abdirashid Hassan Abdinur, also known as Abdirashid Janan, the embattled security minister for Jubbaland have been in Mandera since January.
Mr Abdirashid has been hiding in Mandera after escaping from custody in Mogadishu in December.
In March, his camp clashed with Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) forces that sought to rearrest him from his Mandera hideout.
The clash in Mandera town forced Mr Abdirashid camp to relocate from Border Point 1 to Kapedo area after being overpowered by the FGS forces.
Jubbaland forces are still in Mandera but the whereabouts of their boss, remains unclear.
Mr Roba asked the county security team to manage insecurity issues posed by the wanted minister’s military forces.
 “This situation must be resolved urgently because their continued presence is posing major risks to the community. We appeal to the government to remove these people [Jubbaland forces] from our borders,” said Mr Roba.

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