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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Raila snubs key Tanga Tanga member from Rift Valley

Former prime minister Raila Odinga is very selective about those he meets at his Capitol Hill office. Not every TangaTanga member gets to kiss the ring.
Did Opposition chief Raila Odinga (pictured) decline meeting a key Tangatanga member last week? Corridors of Power is informed the ex-prime minister refused to hold talks with the politician from Rift Valley though he has increased his meetings with some of Deputy President William Ruto's allies. The vocal politician who has previously called Raila names had sought the appointment through a close confidant of Raila's. It is not clear why Raila refused to meet the Tangatanga honcho. However, there are reports the list of those being 'sanitised' at Raila's Capitol Hill office is well-calculated by the organisers.

A  director at IEBC seems to be rubbing staff the wrong way. Believed to be working under instructions of one of the commissioners, the director has been insulting staff, coming to work late and failed to earn the trust of employees including her fellow directors. Last month, the director made decisions that saw staff suffer unjustified salary cuts. It is reported that some staff were almost auctioned out of their homes for failure to meet their financial obligations. 

A senator from Nyanza, known for his gambling adventures, could find himself in political trouble. After a bitter falling out with his county governor, the senator is scheming to tilt the scales in his favour ahead of the 2022 polls. Together with a county woman representative, he has been working on a game plan. It involves an elaborate tour of the county once the coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted. According to sources aware of their plan, the two want to give the governor a taste of his own medicine. The governor had initially started drifting towards the woman representative as his heir apparent after a falling out with the senator. Will the governor lose his battle to decide on his successor? 

Is a senior State House official funding a former MP for political schemes to counter Tangatanga in Mt Kenya? Corridors of Power is informed that the senior official in the House on the Hill has recently been sending considerable amounts of money to the former MP to lobby MPs to support President Uhuru Kenyatta. The ex-MP has reportedly been holding individual meetings with some MPs from the Tangatanga faction in a bid to justify his loot from the State House official. The former lawmaker claims that the money is meant for his fuel and tea costs while lobbying.

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