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Friday, 19 June 2020

Is it pornography and NGOs impregnating our girls?

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Here is a list of things that very intelligent people who are public figures have held responsible for the multiple rapes and teenage pregnancies currently happening in Machakos, and across Kenya.
  1. Pornography, because children watching pornography try and practice it immediately, much like they try and act out action movies and shoot people, or see fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings and proceed to fly. This makes sense, and so the solution here, obviously, is to ban pornography, because the Kenyan government, in 2020, is in charge of the internet.
  2. NGOs faking reports about these children being raped - faking them because they are pushing for the introduction of comprehensive sex education in schools. Everyone knows that comprehensive sex education is a terrible thing for the adult mind, and therefore those bad NGOs trying to spread evil in our school cannot be allowed. Children knowing about sex only leads to more sex, just like how children learning CRE leads to more gods, and learning English leads to new ‘Englishes’. Since what we have now is working so well, let us leave it at that.
  3. Vulgar music. This is an obvious and immediate candidate, and in fact should have been put at number one. Listening to anything that goes against anything leads to everyone doing anything that they want! Studies prove that hearing music directly influences behaviour, because no one has agency and it is impossible to deny the sweet siren sound of 'Kuna Dawa.' As we know, all humans do exactly what music tells them, and therefore, regardless of the fact that we are trying to constantly take money from musicians, we must also now ban what we deem vulgar music is, because our systems are controlled enough to do so and the music industry in Kenya is very well regulated. Refer also to point number one on internet.
Here is an actual list of who is responsible for the rapes (spoiler alert: It is not the teenagers being raped, or the music, or the Internet, or NGOs).
It is the rapists.
But it is also the rape culture that we live in, where everyone points a finger at literally anyone and everyone except the criminals who commit the crime.
So yes, Magoha and Mutua are partially to blame for the fact that instead of condemning criminals, they perpetuate rape culture and divert the argument into pointless sideshows like banning internet.
Ironic, isn't it?

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