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Monday, 8 June 2020

Inawauma! Jalango shows off wife on a weekend out (Photos)

Comedian Jalango enjoyed an elaborate weekend outing with his wife to show naysayers that they are still together.
This comes hot on the heels of the fact that Jalango and his boy club were caught pants down discussing women they have had hot torrid affairs with and ranking themselves based on their sexcapades.

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The internet went wild when the news broke.
Weeks later, the fire of the scandal died down and it did not burn down Jalango’s relationship.
Over the weekend, Jalango paid Creative Phil a make up artiste to doll up his wife Amina Chao for an outing.
He did a great job.
Jalango showed off the video of the set up where the date was and used Masauti’s hit Inawauma as a sound track.

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