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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Bungoma Deputy Speaker Wamusai resigns to ‘salvage image, career’

Bungoma County Assembly Deputy Speaker Simiyu Wamusai has finally resigned.
His resignation comes barely two weeks after the county assembly officially resumed sittings.
Speaking to journalists shortly after presenting his resignation in the House, the youthful and flamboyant Siboti Ward MCA blamed his woes on malice caused by a faction of members of the assembly.
“There has been a malicious team that has held the House at ransom to ensure that they oppose the development agenda of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and as well tarnish my good name which I can no longer put up with,” he said.
He termed those who have been pushing for his removal from the Deputy Speaker’s position as evil-minded.
“Their plans are beyond doubt satanic,” he said.
Mr Wamusai said he made the decision after realising that his name and political career of more than 20 years was on the verge of being tainted by a team which he said was committed to sabotaging him with false allegations.
“I ride on integrity, democracy and decency in character and value [for] democracy since I have been a promoter of the same since I was a student leader at the University of Nairobi,” he said.
The MCA, a close ally of Governor Wangamati, assured his that the move will pave way for his dignity to manifest itself even more.
“I worked with the late Vice President Michael Wamalwa Kijana, George Captain and Senator James Orengo and I have never gone through a petty game like this one being [played] at this assembly,” he said.
The ward rep has now dared those who will try to pull him into retrogressive politics, warning that he is ready for any political battles.
“I will deal with my opponents perfectly especially those who will drag my name into dirty assembly politics,” he said.
He has called on the new house leadership to deliver to the people of Bungoma if they thought he was a stumbling block.
“If they think I was a stumbling block to them by holding the position, I am a happy man to return it to them and I thank them for the time they allowed me to serve them,” he said.
He has now vowed to work even harder and spearhead the development agenda of Governor Wangamati and more so for the Siboti residents.
“I will not hesitate moving around Bungoma County in [push for] development. I have just quit the Speaker’s position to protect my name because a good reputation is not comparable to a position,” he said.
Mr Wamusai has, together with the recently dethroned House leadership, been faulted for influencing the assembly to dance to the tune of the executive, hence failing in the oversight mandate.
But he dismissed the accusations as trash, malicious and with no truth.
His colleagues led by former majority leader Florence Fulano were replaced by a new faction which he faults for holding baseless allegations against him.
Mr Wamusai said he does not regret for his actions and will serve as the Siboti people as MCA, whom he said are very confident in him and will give him another chance come 2022.
Already, the Bungoma MCAs are planning to impeach two of Mr Wangamati's CECs – Antony Walela (Health) and Keya Sabwami (Public Administration) – after a health committee report tabled and adopted by the House last week found them guilty of misuse of Covid-19 funds.
The newly appointed Majority Leader Juma Nyongesa has vowed to ensure that the executive is put on toes by doing a proper oversight role.
"We will not relent on taking action on a CEC who is sleeping on duty at the expense of the Bungoma electorate who are yearning for proper development,” he said.
Last month, Bungoma Agriculture CEC Makanda Mathews asked Mr Wangamati to start the process of dissolving the county to pave way for fresh elections on grounds that his administration was being sabotaged by people who were salivating for the region's top seat.

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