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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Prosecutor meets his 'partner in crime' in court

Milimani law court/FILE
Imagine you are a prosecutor and police bring to court a man who was your partner in crime with the past night? Will you run away, call your colleague to hold brief on your behalf, or tackle him head-on?
A prosecutor at a Nairobi court found himself in this situation after a suspect charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest brought the secret to the courtroom.
“Sir, I was with this man at the drinking joint and both of us had violated the curfew hours. Why I am being charged alone?" he posed.
He said that when the police officers invaded a bar located within the Nairobi CBD, the prosecutor was the leading man in the war.
“We were seven of us. We confronted the police officers who had no guns. The prosecutor assaulted them too, forgive me, boss,” the suspected said it all, as the prosecutor remained mum.
He continued with another case after the man was released on a Sh10,000 cash bail.

A suspect at Kibera court admitted before a magistrate that he was in possession of bhang.
“Yes, I was with bhang. I am a garbage collector and without bhang, it is difficult for me to do the work,” he told the magistrate.
He was slapped with a fine of Sh30,000 or serve three months in prison.

“Your honour, I am very fine and use your power to allow me to stay for some days at the quarantine facility in prison. Yes, I committed the offence, your honour,” a man arrested for breaking the curfew told a Nairobi Magistrate.
He said the police arrested him at 11.30 pm as he headed back to his house after greeting his wife in Rongai.
“They never listened to me your honour and I am an essential service provider your honour because I work as a security guard,” he added.
He requested the court to forgive him.
The magistrate fined him Sh1,000 after he failed to provide documents to prove his words.

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