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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

IGAD donates PPEs worth Sh2.5m to be used at Moyale border point

Health CAS Rashid and Marsabit Governor Mahamud Ali receive PPE's worth Sh2.5 million donated by IGAD on May12, 2020. They were handed over by IGAD Secretariat Coordinator Fatuma Adana.
The Ministry of Health on Tuesday received basic Personal Protective Equipment's worth Sh2.5 million from IGAD for the Moyale border point.
IGAD Secretariat Fatuma Adan handed over the PPEs to Health CAS, Rashid Aman and Marsabit Governor Mahamud Ali.
The donation comes after CAS Rashid on Monday said that the government has noted with concern increasing numbers of positive cases at the country's border points.
"For example along the Kenya-Somali border particularly in the area of Mandera and Wajir, we are seeing cases that are resulting from people who have either travelled across the border and come back or people coming from the other side to the country. This kind of movement is what causes the spread of the virus," Rashid said.
He added that those communities that live along the borders especially those that are long and porous and difficult to monitor should be keen on the movement and report to the authorities if they see anything unusual.
Last month, the Kenyan Government received a donation of USD 100,000 (Sh10m)  from IGAD to help mitigate the effects of the coronavirus.
The financial contribution is part of the USD 700,000 volunteer pledges by the IGAD staff.
Director IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development Dr Solomon Munyua said staff members from all levels fulfilled the pledges as a means to signify their willingness to participate in the efforts aimed at protecting IGAD citizenry from the pandemic and show solidarity with the region.

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