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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Magistrate chases away fake lawyer from court

High Court
There was drama in a Nairobi court after a man who identified himself as a learned counsel sat with suspects and told the court that he was a senior city lawyer.
The man who was in dirty clothes and unaccompanied said he was a senior lawyer and after the magistrate ordered him to give his LSK number, he gave a fake one.
"You seem not to be a lawyer but a conman. What is your LSK number?  give it to me," the magistrate ordered.
In a rejoinder, the self-declared lawyer gave him a fake number and said he was holding brief for his colleague.
"My number is 96...., your honour I'm holding brief for my learned fellow," he said.
He later ran away and the suspect in the case has not secured another lawyer.
Magistrate tells off man to boasting with his Tecno phone in court
A suspect who wanted to show a private message to a magistrate hit a dead end in a Nairobi court. The man who was well dressed stretched his hand with a phone towards the magistrate and smiled. He did this severally until the magistrate told him to stop and keep off his phone.
"What is the problem with you, why do you want to show us your phone? Keep it as we are not interested, your warrant of arrest is uplifted," the magistrate told him.

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