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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Boniface Mwangi, Sakaja in twitter tiff over Sonko's arrest

Ukweli Party leader Boniface Mwangi and Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.
Ukweli Party leader Boniface Mwangi has bashed Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja for defending Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over the manner of his arrest last Friday in Voi.
Boniface, a rights activist, said that Sakaja should have learnt his lesson after his business was vandalised after he dared to criticise Sonko.
"Senator Johnson Sakaja needs Nairobi County government, he runs an outdoor advertising business in this city. The last time he dared criticise Governor Mike Sonko, his outdoor advertising business was vandalised and he lost business. Sakaja must toe the line or lose business!" Boniface tweeted.
Sakaja on Monday said he did not agree with how Sonko's arrest was handled adding that every accused person deserves to be treated with dignity.
"I think there would have been a better way of handling a governor who is elected by the people in this case. Even after he had been arrested we saw him being pushed around. The physical elements of it I don't think were necessary or right unless it's people trying to release different pressures," the senator said.
He went on to add that in as much as his business was vandalised in April, he has led MPs in demanding accountability from Sonko.
"Are you allergic to the truth or is there a quota of tweets you must write to please your donors? Sonko’s illegal vandalism was in April. It didn’t stop my oversight. Three weeks ago I led MPs in demanding accountability from Sonko (of course you conveniently missed that). Bias," Sakaja said.
However, Boniface differed with the senator saying that when young people are harassed and arrested, Sakaja stays silent yet he claims to represent them. 
"I am not allergic to truth. Every day across Kenya, young people are harassed, beaten, arrested, some shot dead, you never say anything. Your take on combat?" Boniface tweeted.
Sonko was on Monday night rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital for medical treatment from the Kamiti Maximum Prison.
Milimani anti-corruption Magistrate Douglas Ogoti in his ruling on Monday said the governor can be allowed to seek medical attention while in remand.
Sonko's lawyer Cecil Miller had told the court that the governor needs an urgent chest CT scan and has already been given drugs for pain.
He added that Sonko has possible rib fractures which he sustained during his arrest.

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