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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Thousands of counterfeit set books seized in Namanga

Counterfeit set books
The Anti-Counterfeit Authority on Saturday nabbed a huge consignment of counterfeit secondary school books in Namanga.
The set books and other goods were being smuggled into Kenya from Tanzania.
Mr Abdi Hussein, an official at the agency, said the goods valued at Sh22,115,880 were intercepted in buses at Namanga, a border crossing point in Kajiado
The officials said they seized the following books:
The Pearl, published by New Longman Literature - 8,736
The Inheritance, published by Longhorn - 6,720
A Doll’s House, published by the East Africa Educational Publisher - 16,200
Memories We Lost, published by Moran - 4,800
They goods also included assorted shoes. The shoes brands included, Nike, Gucci, Fila and Adidas.
Mr Hussein said they also nabbed 1800 pieces of imperial leather soaps and 1,860 pieces of door locks.

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