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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Parents in Isiolo subjecting daughters to the cut face arrest

Isiolo County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri
Chiefs in Isiolo have been ordered to be on the lookout and arrest parents subjecting their daughters to circumcision during the ongoing long school holiday.
Isiolo County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said his officers are on high alert to ensure that those abetting the practice are arrested and prosecuted.
“The cut is an outdated practice that amounts to violation of children’s rights and parents forcing it on their daughters risk arrest and prosecution,” a tough-talking Mr Kanyiri told journalists in Isiolo town.
The administrator linked cases of teenage pregnancies and forced early marriages to circumcision of girls. He decried the growing number of girls dropping out of school.
He said parents have the responsibility to ensure that their children attain the highest level of education, noting that the government has put in place the necessary infrastructure to realise 100 percent transition from primary to secondary schools.
“Parents are also warned against allowing their girls get married at an early age as this poses big challenge to the government’s 100 percent transition programme,” Mr Kanyiri noted.
The county commissioner said chiefs and village elders will continue visiting households to ensure that all children go to school.
School heads have also been asked to report cases of learners dropping out for action to be taken.
Many girls in the county fall prey to young men and get impregnated during the holidays, making them either drop out of school or miss classes thereby affecting their performance.
Mr Kanyiri asked parents and guardians to monitor their children and be mindful of whom they spend time with during the holidays.

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