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Friday, 11 October 2019

Samboja gets reprieve as court suspends impeachment

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja at a past event.
The High Court has temporarily suspended the decision by the Taita Taveta County Assembly to impeach Governor Granton Samboja.
Justice James Makau on Friday issued the conservatory order barring the speaker of the county from submitting to the Senate the resolution recommending the impeachment of the governor.
Samboja was impeached over what MCAs described as 'gross misconduct'.
He slammed MCAs for passing a motion to impeach him, saying that he was ready to walk the path of impeachment.
Samboja said the MCAs had finally played their impeachment card in the three-month budget impasse.
MCAs wanted Sh830 million in virtually unregulated funds for their wards; Samboja said no; they refused to pass the budget.
Samboja collected signatures in a petition to dissolve the county government. He had not submitted it to President Uhuru Kenyatta, as required by law. 
Neither side has budged and mediation failed.
“The road to impeaching a governor is long and winding, it is the one that Samboja is willing to take to the end," county Communications director Denis Onsarigo told the Star on Thursday. 
He said it was clear from the beginning that MCAs were not interested in solving the standoff. "They are only interested in getting a share of what they think is rightfully theirs in the budget."
"We had warned that the dialogue will not go far because they had shown all signs that they were gearing up to impeach executive members." 
The MCAs unanimously adopted a special motion moved during the Wednesday sitting by Deputy Majority leader and Rong’e MCA Harris Keke.

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