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Sunday, 1 September 2019

KNC wants South Mugirango MP struck off party roll

South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro
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The Kenya National Congress (KNC) has instructed the Registrar of Political Parties to deregister South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro from the party roll.

In a letter seen by the Nation after a deliberation by the KNC’s National Executive Council (NEC), the MP has failed to comply by the party’s regulations.

Key among the issues is his failure to instruct Clerk of the National Assembly to effect monthly subscriptions to the party in accordance with the signed pledge of commitment.


The first time MP has also been accused of promoting another political party’s interests and failing to participate in KNC party matters.

The letter signed by KNC’s Secretary General James Ogembo reads, “We hereby instruct your office to remove from KNC party register the name of Sylvanus Osoro, KNC member No. KNCKS1000077.”

The decision to deregister the MP from the party is a big blow to the youthful lawmaker who is one of the key supporters of Deputy President William Ruto.

The legislator has on several occasions been summoned by NEC to defend his non-compliance, but party leader Manson Nyamweya says he has consistently declined to obey party rules.

A letter written to the MP on May 15 reads in part, “The NEC sitting has noted with concern your continued disregard of your signed and notarised pledged code of conduct with the party.”


“This is despite of your appearance before the NEC where you promised to abide by the party rules and Political Parties Act, 2012. This far nothing has changed.”

The MP has been asked to show cause why the party should not ask the Registrar of Political Parties to remove his name for the party register.

In his defence, the lawmaker acknowledged that he had not been compliant in remitting monthly subscriptions to the party.

He, however, denied promoting another political party’s interests. He stated that he had a personal friendship with Deputy President William Ruto which has been misinterpreted.

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