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Monday, 12 August 2019

Why teachers want to be transferred from the TSC to the ministry

Teachers now want to be under the direct direction of the Ministry of Education and not their current employer - the Teachers' Service Commission (TSS).

The National Union of Teachers of Kenya (Knut), in its proposal for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), says that most of the daily activities of teachers, curriculum implementation, supervision, insurance of the Quality and standards, as well as evaluation fall directly under the State Department of Basic Education.

"Putting the Commission under the supervision of the State Department of Basic Education will go a long way toward reducing duplication and, more importantly, reducing management costs for the Ministry of Education," he said. to the team Knut's general secretary, Wilson Sossion. .

The team led by Senator Garissa Yusuf Haji is expected to submit its report to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM chief Raila Odinga in October.


Knut argues that, for example, at the sub-county, county and regional levels, there will only be one office instead of two as is the case today.

"The realignment of TSC departments, departments and sections after the merger with the State Department of Basic Education would further reduce the costs of running the ministry, as there would be plenty of money to hire more teachers . "

Currently, the shortage of teachers in public schools is 96,000.

The union states that the duties of the TSC, as described in the Regulatory Code for Teachers, should be allocated to the directorates and the State Department of Basic Education.

Mr Sossion adds that the current constitutional and statutory framework of the TSC forces him to act with impunity while serving the teachers. and without prior consultation with other actors in the sector.


It is illogical and unrealistic for TSC to replicate the role of the State Department for Basic Education under the guise of teacher management, adds Knut, especially since the ministry develops and oversees the implementation of the program .

Currently, it is the ministry that is responsible for setting up infrastructure in schools and providing educational materials.

Teachers also want an independent regulatory body to deal with disciplinary cases among teachers.

At present, the Ministry of Education has no direct control over teachers; only TSC can take action against a teacher accused of misconduct.

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