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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Victims of terror attacks in a joint push for compensation schemes

Bomb blast victim Ellen Adhiambo
Victims of terror attacks have requested the establishment of a compensation mechanism through the introduction of the Terror Victim Compensation Scheme.

Eluid Ambani, national chairman of the Association for Victims of Terrorism, noted on Friday that the State had failed to ensure they were adequately compensated.

"Innocent Kenyans bear the burden of these attacks on behalf of the State but they have been left behind and suffer in silence, with heavy medical bills and lifelong trauma, while the government is closing their eyes," Ambani said.

"After the US embassy bomb blast, the US compensated the victims but the Kenyan government has left its citizens alone."

Victims of the August 7, 1998 bombings, which killed at least 200 people, have not yet received their compensation.


Ambani further proposed that victims of terror attacks are entitled to legal services by the State to assist their efforts for all their rights.

He spoke at the Kenyatta International Conventional Center in Nairobi while presenting the association's proposal to the Building Bridges Initiative task force.

Major Charles Aloo from the security department, who also presented his proposal to the task force, said Kenya had become vulnerable to terrorism because its leaders mainly focused on politics.

"Terrorism is growing exponentially because of our bad politics. They [terrorists] took advantage of our divisionally focused competition and divisive politics, "he said.

Mr Aloo also complained that people were left out of security issues but they needed to be educated about emerging trends.


Victims of post-election violence 2017/18, under the organization Grace Agenda, recommend the establishment of a comprehensive reparations framework.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, which consisted of people who suffered sexual violence, Elizabeth Atieno urged the government to conduct a fast, transparent and independent investigation into these cases.

"The government must include reparations provisions and rehabilitation measures for individuals and recognize special interest groups such as children born as a result of rape," Atieno said.

While noting that it is the State's duty to protect its citizens, he also calls for 24-hour facilities for victims of gender based violence.

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