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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Former TLB boss Hassan Ole Kamwaro succumbs to cancer

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Former chairman of the Transportation and Licensing Council Hassan Ole Kamwaro died after he died of cancer at the age of 75.

A family member said Kamwaro had undergone treatment at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma, USA.

He has fought against throat cancer, lymphoma, and was treated at the Texas Oncology Center in March before traveling to Oklahoma on April 16.

According to Diana Kamwaro's daughter, who was with him in the US, she started her cancer treatment a few days later.

"On April 29, he was treated at Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma where he started chemotherapy," he said.

He said that on July 19 he had complications and fainted.

"He collapsed again last Saturday and was sent to the Intensive Care Unit and on Tuesday night he died," he added.


Kamwaro first joined the TLB council in 1999 when he was appointed by the late William ole Ntimama, who was minister of transportation.

At that time the government has decided to regulate the rogue matatu sector and that does not mean feat.

More uproar in this sector will occur in October 2003 after the transportation minister, the late John Michuki, introduced a new law, commonly known as the Michuki rule.

A few months after the regulation was announced, Kamwaro was appointed chairman of the TLB. Within a year, mentioning Kamwaro's name was enough to send a vehicle that was not worth running away.

He resigned in 2007 to challenge his former boss Ntimama for the Narok parliamentary seat.

However, he was prevented from joining politics for the most part by his family and chose to do business, opening a tourist cottage on Mara-Olkeju Ronkai.

In 2010, then president Mwai Kibaki revoked the appointment of Wilfred Lengei and appointed Kamwaro as TLB boss.

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