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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Elder wants Ken Okoth's wife inherited as per Luo culture

Mr Nyandiko Ongadi
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The leadership of a splinter group of the Luo Council of Elders wants the wife of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth, Monica, inherited according to the community’s traditions.

The group’s chairman, Nyandiko Ongadi, this will fulfil Luo cultural wishes after the death of the MP.

The elder also said that Mrs Okoth should visit her husband’s home to perform certain rituals together with the family.

He argued that the rituals would be necessary considering that the body of Mr Okoth was not buried.

The MP’s body was cremated in Nairobi.


"When a body is not buried, a banana stem is buried to symbolise the same. All family members should be present at that ceremony," Mr Ongadi said.

Mr Okoth's mother, Angeline Ajwang’, is expected to issue a statement on the cultural rights when she visit her home.

Mr Nyandiko said Mrs Okoth can be inherited by one of the MP’s elder brothers.

The one who inherits her would then build a house for her.

"If any of the brothers is not interested, any relative of the MP can fulfil the cultural right by inheriting the wife," Mr Ongadi said.

The elder further asked Mrs Okoth to visit the MP’s maternal home and show the will that shows that the legislator wanted to be cremated.

His sentiments ignited a heated debate on social media with some people opposing him while others were in support.

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