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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Assistance to residents of Lamu because water supplies are recovering

Lawasco Managing Director Paul Wainaina
Water supply in the Lamu islands was finally restored after seven days of acute shortages.

Lamu residents have not had water in their taps since last Thursday after a dispute erupted between Lamu Water and Sewerage Company Limited (Lawasco) and the Kenya Power company (KPLC) over the unpaid Sh3.6 million electricity bill.

The electricity distributor decided to cut off electricity supply at Lamu's main pumping station in Lamu City last week until Lawasco paid.


But the water supply was restored on Wednesday morning after intervention from the Lamu district government and the district commissioner's office that brought together officials from Lawasco and KPLC and agreed on how the unpaid bills would be removed.

Spot checks by the Nation early Wednesday determined that the water supply had indeed been restored as residents of Langoni, Gadeni, Mkomani, Jua Kali, Wiyoni, Kashmir, Bajuri and those in Shella City received it in their taps.

Mrs. Fatma Athman told the Nation that water began to flow again from their taps around 5am on Wednesday.

"Our faucets have been dry since last Thursday. We are happy that the water has started flowing again from our taps this morning around 5am. Seven days of lack of water has become hell for us. We are grateful to all those who sought to ensure that the water supply to Lamu was restored, "said Mrs. Ali, a resident of Langoni.

In Mkomani, residents also made sure there was water in their taps.

I am sorry

"We started receiving water this morning, although not everywhere. We believe this problem will be fully resolved, "said Sharif Badi.

But Lawasco's Managing Director Paul Wainaina confirmed that the KPLC had agreed to restore electricity connections to enable residents to get water.

Mr. Wainaina apologized to residents for water shortages for one week and assured them that they would continue to receive the commodity when Lawasco and KPLC sought ways to resolve their disputes over electricity bills.

"First, I want to apologize to the Lamu people for the inconvenience caused by lack of water for one week. We have held fruitful discussions between us as Lawasco, KPLC, the Lamu district government led by Deputy Governor Abdulhakim Aboud, MCA area Yahya Ahmed Shee and Commissioner of Irungu Macharia Regency. We have been able to agree on a number of issues that have caused termination. However, I want to tell our esteemed customers that the water supply has been fully restored when we try to find a long-term solution to the existing dispute between Lawasco and KPLC regarding the electricity bill, "Wainaina said.

Mkomani Ward, MCA, Yahya Shee said, regional leaders will continue to provide the assistance needed to ensure water is not cut off again so that residents do not suffer unnecessarily.

"I want to thank the people affected by Lamu for their patience, cooperation, and understanding during the closure. The water has fully recovered. "As regional leaders, we will do everything we can to ensure there is no more water breaks in the future," Shee said.

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