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Thursday, 11 July 2019

EACC recovers stolen assets worth Sh2.7bn

Twalib Mbarak

The Ethic and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has recovered assets worth Sh2.7 billion in the last four months from corrupt individuals through alternative dispute resolution, the agency has said.
EACC Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak made this revelation during this year's commemoration of Africa Anti-Corruption Day in Nairobi on Thursday.
Mr Mbarak said the agency has intensified fight against corruption in the country.
“In the last four months, the commission has recovered stolen assets worth approximately Sh2.7 billion through alternative dispute resolution as opposed to an average of Sh1.5 billion in the last five years,” he said.
Among the property that was recovered in the period include University of Nairobi land situated on Galana Road that had been grabbed and allocated to a private company by the name of Aberdares Engineering Contractors Limited.
“Some of the success stories about alternative dispute resolution in this regard include the recovery of the Kilimani plot next to the Yaya Centre which was handed over to the University of Nairobi,” he stated
“And then there was about 140 acres of land in Naivasha and we expect more cases to be resolved through this method.”
He noted that the commission was undertaking proactive investigations aimed at averting losses of public resources and the information is mainly received from the citizens and the media.
Using this information, the Commission has averted loss of Sh5.8 billion, he said.
Twalib pointed out that they are currently focusing on “unexplained wealth by public officers” in the bid to recovery graft proceeds.
He added that EACC is also looking at introducing electronic money transfer when making payment exceeding certain amounts, saying this will make it easier to track all financial transactions.
Since January, he said, the commission has secured 19 convictions through prosecution of criminal cases against public officers and private individuals.

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