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Friday, 14 June 2019

Baby survives after being thrown in pit latrine in Nakuru

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A newborn baby was early Friday morning rescued from a pit latrine at Kware village in Kaptembwa, Nakuru Town West.
The infant is suspected to have been thrown into the latrine by someone who is a not a resident of the area, as locals said they did not know of any mother who has recently given birth.
A resident, Jerald Omanga, said he heard his neighbours' screams as he was milking his cows and rushed to the area only to discover that they had heard a baby's cry from the latrine.
“I left immediately heading to where the noise was coming from. After we confirmed that there was a baby in the pit, we dismantled part of the floor of the toilet so that we could gain access,” said Mr Omanga.
One of the locals volunteered to get into the pit to rescue the baby.
He was tied with ropes with the residents lowering him into the 25-foot long (7.6 metres) pit.
Ms Florence Njambi said the baby was probably brought from elsewhere.
“We have not been having an expectant mother here and nobody has given birth recently,” she said.
After the baby boy was rescued, he was wiped and rushed to Mother Kevin Hospital in Kaptembwa, Nakuru Town West.
By press time, the doctors were still conducting check-ups but Dr Victor Onsare said the infant was in a stable condition.
“He is just undergoing medical treatment as he lacked oxygen on arrival,” said Dr Onsare, adding that the baby weighed 2.6kg.
He said they occasionally receive babies who have been dumped and urged parents to be responsible despite the challenges.

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