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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

53 cows die after eating poisonous grass in Tana Delta

Dead cows Tana Delta
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At least 53 cows have died in Tana Delta after eating grass believed to be poisonous near the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (Tarda) irrigation scheme.
According to Adhan Nuno, the owner, herdsmen were Tuesday headed to Kipini with the livestock in search of pasture when they decided to make a stop at the farm in Gamba.
"The cows fed well but started experiencing difficulties in walking. Then some just went crazy running all over before they started falling one after the other," he said.
The herdsmen raised the alarm but none of the people who turned up could help.
By 6pm, the cows had lost consciousness while a number of them had died resulting to loss approximated at Sh1.2 million.
Mr Nuno has demanded compensation for the loss, further urging the county administration to investigate cases of deaths of livestock in the area.
Reached for comment, County Director of Veterinary Services Anthony Kinyua said the cows died after consuming lush green grass known for causing an imbalance in the animals’ body system.
He said this is not the first time livestock had died in the area, adding that locals had earlier been warned not to graze their animals there until the grass is fairly dry and fit for eating by animal.
"The locals are aware since this is not happening for the first time. The herdsmen seem to have been new to the area hence the unfortunate loss," he said.
County Director of Livestock Nzioka Wambua has called on livestock keepers to consider insuring their animals to cushion themselves from such losses in future.

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