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Friday, 17 May 2019

Tropikal Brands enters porridge flour market

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Consumer goods manufacturer Tropikal Brands Afrika has entered the flour market with a product branded Nutripro which is targeting health-conscious customers.
The firm has partnered with a Rwandan-based food processing company Africa Improved Foods which is commissioned by World Food Programme to source nutritious grains from smallholder farmers of maize and millet in Kenya and other African countries for various food products.
“The launch of the porridge flour mix falls against the backdrop of shifting trends that have seen a steady rise in the uptake of traditional wholesome foods as consumers become more health conscious and the demand for better nutrition soars,” Tropikal Brands said in a statement.
“Porridge, long held as food for infants, invalids and breastfeeding mothers, today takes pride of place as a healthy and nutritious breakfast alternative for the whole family.”
The move reflects a growing market for healthy alternatives further evidenced by increased demand for nutritious food in restaurants and supermarket delis.
The government has also passed laws requiring fortification of various food products in order to improve nutritional quality of meals. Salt, fats, maize and wheat flour are among the products that are to be fortified with various nutrients though not all manufacturers have complied.
A new study by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology indicates that nearly half of the maize millers in Kenya do not fortify their products.

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