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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Lamu woman rep calls for castration of child defilers

Lamu Woman Rep Ruweida Obbo
Lamu Woman Rep Ruweida Obbo speaks on April 8, 2019. She called for a law to provide for compulsory chemical castration of child defilers and rapists, saying prison sentences are not enough punishment. PHOTO| KALUME KAZUNGU | NATION MEDIA GROUP 
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Lamu Woman Representative Ruweida Obbo has proposed compulsory chemical castration of child defilers and rapists, saying prison sentences are not enough punishment.
The legislator said it is too lenient for child defilers to be sent to prison “to serve easy terms as they get to enjoy food and good shelter” while their victims are left with lifelong scars.
Speaking in Lamu on Monday, Mrs Obbo said it would be prudent to chemically castrate the defilers and rapists so that they never commit such crimes again as they will be dysfunctional.
Mrs Obbo expressed concern over the increased cases of child defilement in various parts of Lamu and the fact that perpetrators either never get arrested or serve very easy sentences when convicted.
Police reports indicate that Hindi in Lamu West is leading in cases of child defilement.
A 2018 report by the World Vision, Lamu branch, also established that at least 10 girls are defiled every month in Hindi Division.
The report also noted that most of the offences are committed by relatives and people known to the children, particularly their own biological fathers and uncles.
The Lamu woman rep said the only sure way to stop child defilement is to provide for severe punishment that will leave a permanent mark on the lives of the culprits so as to deter any future crimes by like-minded individuals.
“I feel like crying when I hear about the rampant cases of child defilement and rape. It is tiring to have such small girls defiled each day and even worse by their own parents and relatives. Why should such people be sent to jail instead of having them chemically castrated as a warning to others? In jail they simply get to carry on with their lives only that they are under a different roof and that’s too lenient,” said Mrs Obbo.
Her sentiments were echoed by Hindi MCA Anab Hajji who acknowledged that child defilement is the biggest hurdle they are faced with at the moment.
Mrs Haji urged both the county and national governments to reconsider setting up a rescue centre for young girls who are victims of gender-based violence and those who risk undergoing the same.
She said that among the leading causes of child defilements in Hindi is the consumption of illicit brews like mnazi and mkoma.
Earlier reports by the World Vision also revealed that in some instances, domestic squabbles leave young girls at the mercy of their lustful fathers once their mothers flee.
Mrs Haji castigated parents in the affected areas for failing to report cases of defilement and trying to resolve such matters at home whenever they happen.
“When people get too drunk, they turn into beasts and defile their children. When a mother flees from violence and leaves her young daughters behind, they become their fathers’ sexual slaves. It’s so unfortunate. We need a centre here for these girls so that they can know there is still hope,” said Mrs Hajji.

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