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Monday, 27 August 2018

What Moi told Joho

Governor Hassan Joho

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has hinted at working with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in the 2022 succession. The Governor said their agenda is to unite all Kenyans irrespective of their political affiliation and tribes.
Speaking on Sunday when he officiated at a funds drive at AIC Churo Girls Secondary School in Tiaty Sub-County, Mr Joho said that he would not be cowed by anyone in his dream of having a united nation.
He said that his focus is to see the children from the minority communities and marginalised areas have a voice and benefit from development.
"We are tired of having a nation of a few individuals. My prayer is to see children from the minority and marginalised areas vying for the presidency and other positions in this country. It does not mean that you have to come from a certain community or a particular party to become the President of this republic," said Mr Joho.
He added: We want Kenyans to have improved lives and this can only happen if we choose leaders wisely. Kenyans should not elect leaders who have enriched themselves by stealing public funds," said the Governor.
He said that his long meeting with retired President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home on Saturday had focused on his aspirations ahead of 2022 politics.
"We had some talks with the retired president Moi on Saturday and I must tell you that it has helped in my journey to unite Kenyans because that is what he insisted that I should do and I will not let him down," said the Governor.
He said he wants to ensure that people have a voice and are not dictated to by a few self-serving politicians.
He pushed for equal distribution of development projects in the country, noting that funds to counties should be increased to 50 per cent to spur development.
"The time has come for us to change the leadership of this country. Some few individuals should not decide our destiny. We want to see funds to counties increased to 60 per cent and even if it means going for a referendum, then we will do it because at the end of the day, Kenyans should have their say," he added.
He said that poor leadership and looting of public coffers by politicians has made Kenyans to lag behind in development, noting that he supported President Uhuru Kenyatta's fight against corruption.
"We want to see all those implicated in corrupt deals arrested. People should not hide in their political cocoons or tribes and should carry their own cross," he said.
His sentiments were echoed by Baringo County Governor Stanley Kiptis who insisted that those accused of stealing should return what they stole from the public. More than 10 Members of Parliament from the coast region also supported Mr Joho's move to unite with Senator Moi ahead of 2022 politics.

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