Uhuru Kenyatta Says He Is Seriously Praying for Kenya Amid Rising Cost of Living: "Naiombea Sana"


What was Uhuru's message to elected leaders? Speaking in Mwingi on Sunday, November 19, the former president said that despite retiring from politics, he has been praying for the country.  But now I pray for our country. I really pray for our country so that there is peace and unity. I hope that leaders should unite for the sake of the country," Uhuru said. The former head of state asked elected leaders to stop putting their interests ahead of those of the electorate, arguing that a good leader considers the issues of those who elected him first. "A leader should defend Kenyans, not his stomach. The work of a leader is to defend the interests of the common man. Where we go wrong is when leaders put their interests first," the former president expressed. Stop blaming me, Uhuru tells William Ruto As reported earlier, the former president took a swipe at Ruto's administration over the high cost of living. The retired president hit out at Ruto and his allies for always blaming him for everything.  Uhuru, who has been silent since leaving power, said he and some opposition leaders had received threats and were blamed for the current government's failures despite not playing any part in formulating Kenya Kwanza Alliance policies. The cheerful former president said he had grown immune to threats and blame games. "I am no longer scared. We have been threatened and told a lot of things. Each time someone fails in their mandate, they blame the previous government. I am used to the blame, and life continues," Uhuru said as the congregation cheered. The former president hilariously wondered whom the Kenya Kwanza government would blame if all mothers refused to give birth. "Every hour someone fails to do something, he blames me; tomorrow, even when mothers refuse to give birth, they will say, ooh you know Uhuru passed through here," he said hilariously. 

BY  Amos Khaemba 

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