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49 Couples Tie Knot In Teso North Second Mass Wedding


49 couples tied the knot in Teso North’s subcounty’s second mass wedding held at Chelelemuk Parish Catholic Church on Saturday.

Bungoma Catholic Diocese Bishop Mark Kadima presided over the wedding also attended by Chelelemuk Parish Catholic priest Bernard Famba.

Over 100 couples had been lined-up to take marriage vows but only 49 made it to the altar to stand before Bishop Kadima to fulfill the holy sacrament of marriage.

Deafening screams filled the air as couple-after-couple took vows before implanting wedding rings on ring fingers of their respective partners.

Chelelemuk Catholic Church compound was filled to capacity during the event.

Kadima took the opportunity to preach love and respect among couples.

“Love and respect one another and the Almighty God will bless your marriages,” the Bishop, who acknowledged he was overjoyed to attend the mass wedding said.

The first mass wedding in the parish was conducted on November 26, 2022 in which 61 couples wedded in Teso North’s historic mass wedding.

The first-of-its-kind ceremony was also presided over by Kadima.

Organisers of the two ceremonies said they were meant to ensure more couples in Chelelemuk Parish in Teso North fulfil their matrimonial sacrament as stipulated in the Bible.

The choir from Chelelemuk Parish Catholic Church kept guests in attendance entertained.

Kadima lauded couples for their commitment and assured them of support from the church in their marriage life.

The Bishop said marriage is a show of love from God.

“It is in marriage where God shows His love. With man and woman agreeing to commit to love one another for the rest of their lives, it means all the sacrifices have been made. Marriage is not a personal decision, it is a decision that comes from God,” he said.

“It is a calling from God and whoever you marry, it is God who gives you that individual. We, therefore, pray that they remain faithful to their partners as God wishes.”

Kadima said couples must at all times be ready to sacrifice for one another lest the union fails.

The Bishop called on the newly wed to commit to marriage for the rest of their lives.


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