Muthee Kiengei Celebrates Daughter with Ex-Wife Keziah wa Kariuki as She Turns 9: "Lady of Value" - Breaking Kenya News


Muthee Kiengei Celebrates Daughter with Ex-Wife Keziah wa Kariuki as She Turns 9: "Lady of Value"


Kiengei's daughter with gorgeous ex-wife Keziah wa Kariuki turned a year older, and the father was delighted. He took to social media to celebrate his bundle of joy, Orpah Waithera, as she marked her ninth birthday. Beauty of hope, Kiengei Media personality Kiengei penned a glowing message to his daughter, expressing his fatherly love for her.   "Happy birthday Orpah. I am so optimistic about you and what you hold for tomorrow, a lady of value and a beauty of hope in our eyes," part of the heartwarming caption read. He shared a cute picture of the birthday girl donning green attire, sitting on a sofa, and posing happily for the photo. Muthee Kiengei blesses daughter Orpah Kiengei also penned words of blessing to his nine-year-old baby as a devout pastor, praying for a better future for her. "From your priest and your dad, I pray for you today that God will hide your excellence from destiny diverters, your grace from future devourers and your confidence from evil eyes... At nine, God is set to grace and favour you, and you will command a lot today and tomorrow in Jesus's name," he added. Netizens' reactions Social media users headed to the moment section to wish the little one a happy birthday with sweet messages. Muthoni AKA Baby Top: "Beautiful princess, awww happiest birthday, cute doll♥️♥️." Laban M Prince: "Happy birthday pretty.. may you age gracefully." Mary Mbugua: "Happy birthday little one." Damaris Wa Dama Spares Original: "Wow! Happiest birthday daddy's girl." Esther Baumbach: "What a strong name! Happy birthday gorgeous princess." Kiengei's daughter's hilarious bedroom rules A few weeks back, Kiengei's former wife Keziah was surprised by her daughter Orpah's bedroom rules. The mother of one tickled Kenyans as she posted a picture of the bedroom rules pinned on her little girl's bedroom door. Among them were no painting of the walls, no entering the bedroom without the girl's permission and closing the door after entering.   BY TUKO NEWS   

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