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Maina Njenga – My abductors inquired about Raila’s recruitment plans


Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has revealed that he was abducted on Sunday, September 17, 2023, and interrogated about the plans of the opposition, particularly Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Njenga described the harrowing experience of being handcuffed and blindfolded by his captors.

According to Njenga, his abductors questioned him extensively about Raila Odinga’s intentions after the ODM leader had announced that he would not call for demonstrations.

“They then drove me to an unknown location where they interrogated me about the opposition, specifically Raila Odinga’s plans,” Njenga recounted.

He further stated that his captors also inquired whether the opposition was actively recruiting any groups.

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Njenga said that after the interrogation, he was driven back to the Banana Area in Kiambu County, just a few kilometers from where he had been abducted.

His lawyer, Mr Ndegwa Njiru, expressed concern about his client’s repeated incidents of being held incommunicado whenever he was expected in court.

Njiru argued that such actions were unjust and impeded Njenga’s legal rights.

The lawyer also mentioned that Njenga’s personal assistant, Mr Felix Lekishe, had been abducted alongside him during the incident.

Lekishe was reportedly taken by unknown individuals while he was visiting a friend in the Banana Area of Kiambu County.

Njiru emphasised the severity of the situation, stating, “This is not fair. This is the third time my client has been abducted, and they did not even explain to his host why they were holding him.”

Nairobi News has learned that Njenga spent the majority of Sunday at his farm in Laikipia County before heading to the Banana Area, where the abduction occurred.

Njenga’s host in Banana has corroborated his account, stating that no explanation was provided when he was taken.

He was later released late Sunday night and his abductors gave him Sh2,000 for transport from Banana back home.

Njenga told Nairobi News, “I took a boda boda from Banana back home.”  BY NAIROBI NEWS    

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