Suzanna Owiyo discloses the ONE thing that made her backslid


Kenyan musician and songwriter Suzanna Owiyo has recalled how her salvation journey ended before it could even begin.

Owiyo took to her Twitter page to explain how she backslid barely one month after getting saved while in high school in Nyanza.

She said she and her fellow students from the drama club had won a competition to represent her school at the National level in Nairobi.

“With all the excitement, it was agreed that upon arrival, we would go to the dining hall where the disco was happening and share the good news with the rest of our colleagues,” she said.

That was the beginning of her downfall as a Christian Union member, as she found herself between a rock and a hard place.

As a born-again Christian who had just gotten saved, she could not join the disco. But her heart was not for attending the CU session in a nearby classroom.

“When I alighted from the school minibus, I looked a bit confused. There were two sounds coming from different directions vibrating right into my two ears. The loud disco at the hall and the sound of praise songs by CU members in one of the classrooms,” she said.

It was at that point when she was still contemplating which direction to go when one of her colleagues advised her to go to CU since she was born again.

“Deep inside, I thought, this girl must have known where my heart was at that moment. DISCO.”

Within minutes, she found herself in the dining hall for the disco, jumping and dancing. She was accorded a warm welcome as she entered the hall.

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