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Kisii businessman robbed of Sh4 million


Police are looking for a gang that attacked and robbed a businessman of Sh4.1 million in Kisii Town.

Pratan Patel, a manager at Discount Mega shop, told police he was taking the money to a bank in the town when he was attacked as he rode on a motorcycle.

He said he had called a motorcyclist to take him to the bank on Friday evening but the rider changed the route.

This prompted the businessman to try to jump off the moving motorcycle, which forced both him and the rider to fall off.

And within a short while, another rider arrived and picked up the bag that had the money, and sped off.

Police said the riders, including the one who was carrying the businessman, sped off towards Nyanchwa and no arrest or recovery has been made. The injured man was picked up and taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Police say they have noted cases of robberies in the town in the past weeks where people have lost money.

Last week, a school principal and his bursar lost Sh500,000 they had withdrawn from a bank in the town.

The two had withdrawn the cash and went to have lunch at a local restaurant and when they came back they found their car was broken into and the money missing.

Police say they are investigating the incidents.    

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