Exclusive: Horror moment 'gunmen' pumped in 36 bullets into Kevin Otieno


Details of the chilling moment gunmen accosted Kevin Otieno and shot him 36 times in cold blood can be revealed today.

The Nation has seen footage showing the moment Otieno was on Friday, September 23, 2022, cornered by over 10 men who felled him in a hail of bullets.

For the safety of the informant, Nation will not publish the video. 

Otieno, 23, had just left Naivas Supermarket in the company of a woman and they were strolling to his one-bedroom apartment in Mihang’o, Nairobi, when he received a call.

“That day he was dressed in shorts and in the company of a woman. He did not board a motorbike even though he loved doing it,” a man, who was amongst the last to see him alive, told Nation.

So long was the phone call, that it even attracted the attention of many people who were within the vicinity.

One of the people who eavesdropped on the conversation said that the victim kept on saying “wewe kuja tu kwangu niko area (come to my house, I’m around).” 

All this time, the woman who was with Otieno stood at a distance waiting for him to finish the phone conversation. He had stopped walking and was sitting on building stones during the phone call.

After the call that lasted over 30 minutes, two vehicles appeared.

Unknown gunmen arrest brother of man who was shot 36 times

The Nation has established that the same vehicles were the ones that had on the wee morning hours (3am) of the fateful day the gunmen left with his brother from his residence in Mwiki, Kasarani.

The vehicles were a white Land Cruiser and a grey double cabin Toyota Hilux.

“The two vehicles were being driven at a high speed, moments later we all heard someone shout, ndio huyo mkora mshike (that’s the thug, get him!),” a witness told Nation.

Otieno tried to flee the scene but it was too late.  The gunmen jumped out of the vehicles and shot him from the back. 

He was shot while holding on to mason who was working at a nearby site. Otieno fell on the ground and the mason escaped unhurt.

“The gunmen quickly followed Otieno to where he was lying and continued shooting at him. Everyone was shocked as the gunshots rent the air,” said another man who witnessed the incident. 

In the video, the front doors of the white land cruiser are flung open and some activities from three men which were not captured clearly were going on.

This is after some of the gunmen raced after the woman who was with Otieno, captured her and ordered that she keeps quiet as she was screaming attracting the attention of more people.

The Nation has established that after they got hold of her, they forcefully bundled her into the Land Cruiser.

As this was going on, two of the gunmen were standing a few metres from where Otieno was lying and continued pumping more bullets into his body. 

One of the men is even seen stepping on him as if to ascertain indeed he was dead.

At this moment, one of the three men from the Land Cruiser walked and joined those who were spraying Otieno with bullets while issuing some instructions.

“Before the gunmen went away, one of the them shot Otieno in the eyes,” added a witness.

Before they drove off, the gunmen asked two men, who were near the scene of the shooting as it happened, to surrender their mobile phones.

They took the gadgets and sprayed them with bullets before leaving the scene.

A witness told Nation that the two vehicles immediately left and moments later curious onlookers rushed to see what was happening.

It has emerged that Otieno was a close ally of Joseph Ng’endo Njau, who was eyeing the Njiru ward seat on a Jubilee ticket but was killed before the elections. 

In 2019, Mr Ng’endo was arrested and found in possession of five kilograms of heroin. He was seized in Westlands, Nairobi, when he fell into a police dragnet shortly after returning from a trip to Kampala, Uganda.

At the time, police said he had gone to Kampala to procure the drugs, which he had hidden inside papayas. 

Joseph Njau Ngendo who was accused of drug trafficking. 


The body of the politician was found in the Kijabe forest alongside that of the “Kasarani three” – Frank Obegi, Elijah Omeke and Moses Nyachae.

“I don't even want to talk about what happened and what I saw. All I want is peace. I come from the border where shooting takes place always daily but I’ve never seen such an ugly scene,” said another witness.

Later, police officers went to the scene, picked the Otieno's body and took it to the City Mortuary where he was booked in as unidentified male.    BY DAILY  NATION   

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