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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Ruto, Moi lay claim to Baringo projects


The perennial rivalry between Deputy President William Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi yesterday played out at the burial of Moi-era politician Hosea Kiplagat in Baringo County, with each leader claiming credit for the development projects in the region.

Kiplagat, who died on February 6, was a close ally of the late President Daniel Moi. He was laid to rest at Cheplambus village in Baringo Central.

Efforts by political leaders from the region to unite the duo failed as each tried to outdo the other to claiming they promoted the projects in the region.

Ruto, Gideon Moi's differences at burial of Mzee Hosea Kiplagat

The DP laid claim to road projects such as Ainomoi-Barwessa bitumen road and the Mochongoi-Karandi which he said is almost complete. He also announced that the tenders of the Kamukunji-Kisanana-Mugurin – Mogotio will be advertised on March 10.

“We are doing an evaluation of the Tenges-Ochiii-Cheplambus-Mogorwa-Kapkelelwa – Oinopmoi road as well, and I promise that the contractor will be on site in the next three months,” said Dr Ruto.

He also said that plans were underway for the Kasoiyo-Riwo-Seretunin –Talai-Kasisit to be tarmacked.

Among other goodies the DP promised Baringo residents was increasing the electricity last mile connectivity from the current 65,000 to 75,000 people at the end of this year.

Development projects

“Baringo County voted unanimously for the Jubilee government in 2013 and 2017 respectively. I want to promise you that as we initiate development projects in the country, this region is our priority as well,” said the DP who spoke before other leaders and left for another event in Narok County.

The sentiments, however, did not go down well with Senator Moi, who spoke last, and read the condolence message from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I know the people of Baringo are wise enough to comprehend some things. Some people should not claim ownership (of projects),” said Mr Moi.

A section of political leaders from the Rift Valley called for unity among the Deputy President and the Senator for the region to clinch presidency in 2022. They said that the duo should shelve their political rivalry and work together.

 Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina insisted that the DP and the Kanu chairman are siblings who should not be embroiled in political tussles.

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok regretted that the political class in the country has decided to sow seeds of discord instead of listening the advice of the elders who insist(ed) on working in unity. He said that the Building Bridges Initiative and 2022 succession politics theatrics are derailing efforts to spur development and revive the economy.

“I urge all political leaders from the Rift Valley region to speak in one voice by helping each other for the common good of all Kenyans despite our political affiliations. Through politics, some leaders have turned sworn enemies with irreversible differences but we need development in this country, not cheap politicking,” said Mr Nanok.

Love and unity

 Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui said politicians should borrow a leaf from the leadership of the former president Moi which was anchored in peace, love and unity.

“Leaders in this country more so from the Rift valley region should learn from Moi’s leadership that always preached for unity among all leaders irrespective of our political ideologies. He started a good foundation which we must emulate and shelve other interests for our common good,” said Mr Chelugui whose sentiments were also echoed by Baringo North William Cheptumo.

However, the DP dismissed claims by Senator Ole Kina of the perceived political rivalry between him and the junior Moi, announcing that he was working together with the Kanu chairman, not because they come from the same community but as Kenyans with a purpose of spearheading development.

“I want to assure Senator Ledama that we are united (Me and Gideon), not as Kalenjins but as Kenyans, to spur development in this country,” said Dr Ruto.

He eulogized Kiplagat, who was a confidante of former president Moi as an astute leader whose development tract was evident.

“When Moi served as the president and the MP of Baringo Central, he trusted Kiplagat to oversee major projects in the constituency. When history of the former president is written, it will not be complete without a chapter of Hosea,” said the DP.


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