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Saturday, 6 February 2021

MP delivers branded trifles to win voters' hearts


As the campaigns for 2022 begin in earnest, a first-term MP , who is facing serious competition, is leaving nothing to chance. Corridors has learnt that the legislator has opted to visiting homes in his constituency every morning with a small bag of assorted household goods such as sugar, matchboxes, washing soap and sachets of salt. What has stirred  talk, however, is not his style of trying to win the support but the tiny amounts of goods he distributes. The money he spend to brand them is probably more than the goods themselves.


An MP has been mentioned as being the mastermind behind fake news that Kirinyaga county had passed the Building Bridges Initiative Constitutional (Amendment) Bill, 2020. A little bird tells Corridors of Power that the legislator hired people to circulate the news to test the popularity of the document among locals before declaring his stand. The MP is said to be keen to be on the same side as residents to avoid worsening his already deteriorating ratings ahead of the 2022 General Election. The legislator is, however, counting losses as the stunt went to waste. Most locals quickly remembered that the assembly is still in recess until February 8.


Are MPs so ignorant and out of touch when it comes to grasping basic terminologies applicable in day-to-day transactions? Well, the reality emerged on Wednesday when two lawmakers could not understand a simple legal term a witness used to explain the government position on a matter that has been in the public domain since the outbreak of Covid-19. It took the witness eight unsuccessful attempts to explain the matter and, still, the two lawmakers could not understand. One of the vocal lawmakers comes from Western, while the other, a woman, is from the Coast. 

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