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Monday, 22 February 2021

I am beyond mad, let’s just disband Gor and start afresh


It is only something with their head deep in the sand or living in deep denial who can fail to accept that Gor Mahia is a total mess. Over a week ago Zambian side Napsa Stars were in Nairobi to face us in a continental match.

The team arrived many days well ahead of the fixture, showing the level of organisation in the club.

Now comes our turn to travel to Zambia for the return fixture. As I am writing this on a Sunday morning, I am not sure if Gor Mahia have already boarded the plane. For a match that is due in some six or so hours!

Put into the equation the small matter of a flight of some three hours. I am told the plane was chartered by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The level of disorganisation in Gor is just as legendary as the club’s name. It is very shameful that a club of Gor’s stature should be doing things the way we see them being done.

This is a club with support in every nook and cranny of this nation. Just last Saturday, I was talking to two brothers who are great K’Ogalo fans, Daniel Kapsoot and Sammy Kapsoot, and they were telling me how they are planning to invite Gor to their home town of Kaptama to play with their local side Elgon Tigers.

Now that is the club we are hell-bent on destroying. You can call me fifth columnist but I don’t want Gor to qualify for the next stage in the continental competition. I also don’t want them not to win the league.

If anything, Gor should even be relegated from the premiership for all I care. At worst, we can even disband the club and start all afresh.

Get rid of the players, the technical bench and all the officials. It is when we reach the nadir of things that we will make use of our brains and start thinking about the club. At the moment, it looks like those in charge have given their brains some unpaid leave.

How come every month the players are on strike because of lack of payment. I get amused by the grade one idiocy I see on social media when some of the club’s fans castigate players who are demanding their salaries.

I wonder if the same people work for free if employed or if in business donate all their profits to charity.

I have also seen some people claim that even big clubs like Liverpool go through lean times.

But my question is this, which improvement has Gor made? Another issue I have raised in the past is who signs players. I recently saw some Brazilian tourist signed into the club with great aplomb.

Apart from one online picture I saw of the man training at Camp Toyoyo, nothing has been seen or heard of him. And there is an agent somewhere who pocketed the money.

While on this, who receives the monies from the clubs that buy Gor players? It is sad that we lose players like a leaking basket yet those in charge behave as if it is business as usual.

I am beyond mad. I repeat, let us disband this club and start afresh. We have many willing professionals in this town and beyond who can run the club. For free!


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