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Friday, 19 February 2021

Did someone want to harm ex-leader, blame state?


Could there be someone who wanted to harm a former elected leader and blame it on the state or other parties? A little bird tells Corridors of Power there was intelligence some shadowy people had hatched such a plan. Some insiders told Corridors that this could explain why the politico is today being guarded by commandos from an elite police unit. Maybe or maybe not. However, those in the know described the plans as “serious”. The politician is now comfortable in his current arrangement under a hawk-eyed elite squad.

A senior lawmaker has been called out for non-commitment to the Building Bridges Initiative endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM chief Raila Odinga. Well, the man, whose county assembly unanimously voted for the bill, is said to have done nothing to deliver the celebrated result. Corridors of Power is apprised that the fellow, despite his position in the 'August' House, neither helped in signature collection nor campaigned to woo MCAs to support the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020. The question being asked by the people taking credit for the BBI success at the assembly is: How is the man, whom they describe as being a ‘scarecrow’, helping President Uhuru Kenyatta achieve his agenda beyond the 'August' House.

Members of a critical government agency are now pointing fingers at their leadership, which was installed recently, for sleeping on the job and doing nothing as their situation worsens due to non-disbursement to their kitty months after the financial year started. Conversing in low tones, the members said they are planning a serious go-slow, especially on transactions touching on the government until their concerns are addressed. Some were heard cursing why they took part in the removal of the previous leadership that they said was more effective especially in addressing issues that matter to members.

Just when will two youthful lawmakers learn the reason for which they were elected? Well, the two seem to be living by the adage of 'old habits die hard' and are hell-bent on 'earning' taxpayers' money for doing absolutely nothing. The fellows have mastered the art of deceit in their practice of only walking to committee rooms to sign attendance sheets, at times without uttering a word or introducing themselves for recording purposes. Their colleagues were overheard saying they have given up on chasing them to sit in the meetings and represent their people who assigned them the oversight responsibility.


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