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Monday, 15 February 2021

BBI assembly vote outcome key for 2022 alignments


The BBI push, depending on the side of the political bigwigs, is directly inclined to the calculation by each politician on how it favours his/her chances for heightened political relevance.

When we map out county assemblies, say for the region inclined to support, we note that beyond the fact that they are desirous of the Constitution amendment, none is supporting half-heartedly with the fear they will lose at the ballot.

They have a positive outlook that it will work in their favour. Many will get a rude shock at the ballot when they contest as MCAs, MPs, senators, or even governors for those seeking reelection.

MCAs may not want to voice their concerns about various aspects of the proposed amendments because they do not want to be seen to be going against the grain with respect to the party leadership. They intend not just to win the support and liking of party leader or machinery, but to prove themselves assets.

They want to demonstrate that they are sworn loyalists and that this loyalty should pay dividends at the right time.

Some governors, or say senators, who will be seeking reelection, will want dividends in the form of possibly direct nomination. They may also want the party to lock out their strong competitors in their favour, as a price for loyalty to the BBI.

On the part of bigwigs, they want to demonstrate and get assurance that they have got serious foot soldiers who can champion the party’s cause not just at the national level but at the grassroots.

They are depending on the fellows to comb the grassroots for them. Regardless of the passage of the Bill, the statement for these political parties will have been made in terms of the kind of strongholds they have with the various counties.

For them, it is a question of creating political protectorates for their own benefit ahead of the 2022 general election.


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