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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Uhuru, Raila stoop so low with 'tribal' president


It is shocking that people can talk of a rotational presidency in this day and age.

These people said the Building Bridges Initiative was a unifying factor; they never included the rotational presidency or said anything about it.

It is very unfortunate because as a county we are stooping too low.

The Constitution does not state that the minimum qualification for one to lead the country is they must come from a certain tribe or from a tribe that has never been in power.

The Constitution is very clear that one can be elected president regardless of their tribe so long as he has the ability, vision and plans to transform the country.

The people who have ruled this country since Independence are not the tribes. They are from specific families and Kenyans know them. 

Now, these people have run out of options and want to take Kenya back to the politics of tribalism and tribal chiefs.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei in Kapsabet on July 2
Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei in Kapsabet on July 2

They have panicked because the hustler narrative has picked up. People now believe that regardless of your tribe, social status, or poverty, you can be a leader and make it in life.

Poverty, unemployment and many other problems not only affect communities that are not in power but every Kenyan regardless of tribe or community.

As much as the Constitution recognises that we come from different tribes, it says that first, you must be a Kenyan before you belong to a tribe. Raila Odinga has been saying we must be a country of one nation, one people; but now he wants to break it down into tribes.

They have essentially run out of options to try and scuttle the hustler nation. They want Kenyans to retreat into their tribal cocoons. That amounts to inciting Kenyans against each other and we must reject it.

Reports on election violence show that electoral integrity and other factors such as historical land injustices have been at the centre of the clashes.

It has never been about the community the president comes from.

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