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Monday, 11 January 2021

Uhuru put a stop to hustler philosophy


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pronouncement around 2022 politics has served to dismantle the Hustler Nation philosophy ahead of next year's general election.

Uhuru, in a sudden but expected move, said he is uncomfortable with the hustler philosophy and exposed the vagaries around it.

The Hustler Nation movement has been ramping up national support based on a hustlers versus dynasties philosophy.

The hustler philosophy, which is a synonym for class politics and class economics, has produced disastrous results in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

This social revolutionary philosophy is loose and meant to pose a serious threat to the country's peace and harmony.

This philosophy is potentially a national security threat. It is a recipe for chaos that must be nipped in the bud before it is driven into the minds of our youth in the most dangerous of ways.

It must not be lost that hustler philosophy disciples and associates have developed a high appetite for discrediting the economic policies executed by Jubilee administration.

This is being rather dishonesty and disrespectful to the President who is also the head of state.

The political terrain has completely shifted following the President's declaration.

This is taking place despite the fact that the hustler philosophy architects and disciples are part and parcel of the Jubilee administration.

They have their fingerprints in the Jubilee manifesto but are now using the hustler philosophy as a special exit vehicle from a regime they have supported for the past eight years.

They want to disassociate themselves from Jubilee failures and build a different campaign platform that seeks to undermine Jubilee's scorecard.

President Kenyatta’s statement neutralises the hustler philosophy and creates the opportunity for other candidates to step up the battle for the country's top job.

Kenyans must now look at the scoreboard and give a wide berth to philosophies that are anchored on deceit and lies and which threaten the country's peace and harmony.

It is now clear that the Jubilee marriage has collapsed and President Kenyatta will go the extra mile to ensure that Kenya is in a safe pair of hands when he leaves office and that his legacy will be completed.

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