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Monday, 18 January 2021

Kwale human rights activists raise alarm over mob killings


Kwale human rights activists have raised an alarm over the mob justice killings in Lunga-Lunga sub-county.

They said there has been a tendency of people being murdered by rogue youths without a fair trial in court.

This follows the deaths of two people who were this month killed by a mob over cattle theft allegations in a period of less than two weeks at Mwangulu in Lunga-Lunga.

Led by Mohammed Mwakuyala the activists said there is need for the local police to step up security and bring to justice the mob attack participants.

“It is now too much, everyone has a right to life and to be protected no matter the sin they have committed and any killer should be arrested and charged in court,” he said.

Mwakuyala said if the situation will not be controlled things will get worse and many innocent lives would be lost.

He said most victims are the suspected livestock thieves and the trend started last year. 

Mwakulaya said some of the incidents are mistaken identities but the irrational youth go ahead and kill them without giving them a listening ear and room for fair defence.

The activists said the vice is taking roots because the killers walk out freely.

The rights defenders accused the police officers of being reluctant in responding to such crimes.

“I normally feel bad when you report the issue to police but they take long to respond and come after the murder has already been committed,” Mwakuyala said.

Activist Mabuti Gambari said it is heartbreaking to see people celebrating when beating to death and setting ablaze a fellow colleague.

He said the law must take its course for sanity to prevail in the area.

Gambari said the community has ceased to be humans and must be reminded.

He asked the police and village elders to organize barazas to create awareness against taking the law into their hands.

The activist said the community must be properly informed of the consequences of such activities.

County police commander Joseph Nthenge last week warned the community against the vice threatening to take stern actions against the perpetrators.

This after an 81-year-old man was strangulated to death while in his sleep in Kinango sub-county.

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