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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Governor Nyoro sounds alarm over bursary theft


Kiambu Governor James Nyoro has warned that corruption is rife in schools and bursaries are not fully accounted for.

Nyoro spoke on Tuesday as he issued Sh100 million bursary cheques in Kiambu town. The funds will benefit 25,000 students from the county's 60 wards.

Nyoro expressed concern than when cheques are cashed, beneficiaries collude with teachers to enter a given amount as fees, then they withdraw and share the rest.

“The bursary funds that we are distributing now probably 25 per cent of it will not go to help the needy students. There is a lot of corruption as there are other people who send the cheques to schools and tell the teacher to cash it and split it into halves so they share amongst themselves. We have already established that,” Nyoro said.

He said the county government will be following up on the bursary cheques to confirm whether they have entered school accounts and are serving their purpose.

“We cannot be fighting corruption on paper and pen... we will make follow-ups."

Nyoro said he has evidence of schools that receive bursary cheques and only enter half for students.

On education infrastructure, the county government plans to rehabilitate and construct new early childhood development and education centres and vocational training facilities.

“We need to sit down between the government, county assembly members, public and all stakeholders and discuss how when a student finishes vocational training that it is a must, they get a jobwhether self-employed or employed,” Nyoro said.

On health, he said subcounty surveillance teams are prepared to respond and all hospitals are on alert to contain Covid infection. He said more than 20 ambulances are available in case cases are reported in schools.

“We have experience as when Form 4, Standard 8 and Grade 4 learners went back to school, there were cases reported in Loreto High School and Mama Ngina. The county health team was able to respond promptly to address the issues,” Nyoro said.

He said they have enough PPE but appealed to residents to observe health guidelines.

“In Tigoni Covid centre, there are less than 10 patients of Covid-19... By the end of this month, Wangige Level 4 Hospital will serve Kabete subcounty residents and Tigoni Covid centre will be opened up for the public for treatment of other ailments for residents of Limuru and other areas,” Nyoro said.

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